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Refugee '10 [Ongoing Project]

The port city of Patras still gathers refugees arriving from the so-called third world. People from central/northern Africa who came to Patras by any means possible, having gone through the most unpleasant situations and dangers being cut-off from their dream, a brighter future, in this port-gateway to Europe. Educated people, interesting people, humans. "I never imagined that I'd find myself stuck in this shameful place, unable to work, relying on others' charity to survive", a Tynis said to me while a Sudanese's words were "If I knew I would live like this, I'd never sell my house and leave my country, no matter if there is war still going on there". "There is no return for us, we must keep trying to enter Europe" shouted an Erytrean.

Their dignity and strength is something I never forget.

To me, solidarity is to be the echo of their voices. Of their smiles and cries. Of their dreams. This series of photos is dedicated to them.

More pictures available upon request.